• Enjoy An Amazing Trip To Hong Kong

    One of the most thrilling and busiest cities of the world is Hong Kong with a 7 million population who are all extremely energetic and high paced people. The city is full of skyscrapers and malls and is one of the most popular holiday destinations of the world. It has some great sightseeing spots, beaches, landscapes, landmarks, architecture and gardens. The street markets too are a must for visitors to explore and should not be given a miss. The city not just promises of the best holiday spots and landscapes options, but also serves some great food.

    Right from the latest and hippest restaurants to some best cocktail bars in Hong Kong, it has many options when it comes to dining. The weather condition which is an average of 60 to 90 degrees throughout the year is best for drinking beer and wines. Enjoy the dim sum and dumplings which is the family style meal of Hong Kong available in the best of places as well as the streets in streamer baskets and plates. Enjoy it any time of the day. It is served in almost all the restaurants of Hong Kong with options like steamed, barbecue and so on.

    Therefore enjoy the best food and drinks at the best cocktail bars in Hong Kong and make your trip to the city an enjoyable one. The city has a very famous and popular tourist destination which is the Victoria Peak. It rises to 1805 feet above sea and some beautiful landscapes and views. The peak can give a view to the Victoria Harbor, the 8 mountains of Kowloon, Hong Kong Island and others. The seven minute ride is the best way to reach the top by the Peak Tram which s considered to be the steepest funicular railway of the world. There are other options too available when it comes to reaching the top of the peak other than Peak Tram. You can enjoy the view both at night and day time depending upon your choice of time and convenience.

    On the weekends, tourists and visitors can easily rent the junk boat and enjoy their free time. The boat rides extremely enjoyable and lasts for mostly about 8 hour with up to fourteen people option. One can visit most of the spots by using these boats. The hotel concierge can help you book one for your family as they can also advice on the rates of these boat rides and the favorite tourist spots for visits. The Star Ferry is a popular transportation option which carries about 20 million riders across the Victoria Harbor. Though the transportation system in Hong Kong is very strong and efficient, you should not miss the Star Ferry ride as it had been there since 1888 and is quite a heritage for Hong Kong. Also do not ignore the street markets like Ladies Market and Temple Street Night Market.


  • Gordon Ramsay

    Born 8th November 1966, Gordon Ramsay, one of the world’s most famous chefs is best known for his presentation of many popular competitive cookery shows, through which he has given the opportunity to numerous previously unknown chefs to rise to fame. Ramsay’s shows include Hell’s Kitchen – a reality tv cooking show open to chefs and home cooks alike to compete in “Hell’s Kitchen” in teams, catering to the guests of Hell’s kitchen. Known for his quick temper and questionable language, Ramsay has been single handedly instrumental in creating and building the careers of the winners of his shows. Kitchen Nightmares is another popular reality television show produced by Gordon Ramsay, on which Ramsay visits dying restaurants and helps them re-invent themselves by pointing out the restaurants flaws and working to build on their strengths. Some of Ramsays other TV shows include The F Word, Masterchef, Masterchef Junior and Hotel Hell. Ramsay has recently opened his second restaurant in Hong Kong, London House. On the other hand, check this best European restaurants.

    During his career, Gordon Ramsay has built an empire of award winning restaurants that have been awarded a total of 16 Michelin stars making Gordon Ramsay one of the most successful chefs in the world. Ramsay describes his entry into the culinary world as an accident as he, at an early age, had begun his career as a footballer, having been very successful playing football at school. At 19, he became interested in cooking and began his culinary education. Gordon began his career in 1993, working as a head chef at a restaurant named Aubergine, in London. Within three years of Ramsay joining, the restaurant went on to win two Michelin stars of its own. He opened his first fully owned restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay – his signature restaurant to date, in Chelsea, in 1998, winning its first Michelin star in 2001, you can directly use this link http://madamsixtyate.com.hk/about/ for more of award winning restaurants.

    Praise and Criticism
    Although Ramsay has often been criticized for his critical approach and the harsh language that he uses in his reality TV shows, it is this very passion and critical thinking that has enabled him to open a string of award winning restaurants around the world. In 2006, Gordon Ramsay was awarded the title “Order of the British empire” by Queen Elizabeth the second for his contribution to the culinary industry.

    Gordon Ramsay lives with his wife, Tana and his four children Mathilda Elizabeth Ramsay, Megan Jane Ramsay, Jack Scott Ramsay and Holly Anna Ramsay. He and his wife Tana have recently started The Gordon and Tana Ramsay Foundation that supports a cause which is close to their heart, Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.


  • Many Types Of Coffee Machines

    People have become health conscious and they choose their drinks as per the health benefits. Coffee has many advantages and research has proved it that coffee takers have increased tremendously in recent years. It tastes good and it does have some benefits too. Most of the U.K.’s and the U.S.’s pinnacle companies maintain office coffee machines for their employees. At regular intervals a cup of coffee is served to their employees so that they can get rid of drowsiness and fatigue. Coffee is a very energetic drink and it refreshes you immediately.

    The viable workplace caffene accessory present many choices. It can crush the coffee beans and produce an espresso coffee for you, which we all prefer to drink. We love to drink coffee with foam. It can produce different types of coffee drinks. The coffee machines are highly developed in technology. The companies have realized that by keeping a coffee machine in the office few employees go out to have coffee in the coffee parlor. Most of the workers stay behind and prefer to take the coffee drink in the office. This means, they are devoting more time in their assignments in the office. This is an advantage of maintaining an office coffee machine.

    Most of the companies hire the coffee machines by giving rent to the coffee machine hiring companies. These hiring companies keep regular check of the coffee machines so that the machines functions properly and does not hamper your work. At regular intervals their experienced engineers attend coffee machines so that no major fault creeps in. You are free from this headache. The coffee machines are available in various forms, such as, tabletop machines, standing machines or wall fixed machines. You can take the one for your office as per the office space. Coffee has many advantageous, it refreshes immediately and it contains such elements which is anti-cancerous. Its caffeine content is much stronger than tea. Tea is lighter but to hire coffee machine Melbourne at reasonable prices is stronger and it acts immediately on the user. Its bitter taste is loved by all. Coffee has aided to increase the contentment of the office staffs and employees. It even increases the retention rates.

    The employers were forced to install coffee machines in their offices as most of their employees demanded to take coffee while working. They demanded to have their morning coffee cup in their offices so that they can devote more time in their work. The employers thought of their benefits and decided to comply with the employees demand by installing coffee machines in their offices. In this way, time will be saved and more work could be done by their employees. The workers would certainly love to have their morning cup of coffee in their offices.

  • 4 Ways To Enjoy Your Night

    There is so much to do at night in a city. Cities never sleep, but the towns do. Living in a city, you will understand that they take on a whole different life form during the night, and that they will be unrecognizable from what they were during the daytime. The skies change, the buildings are dressed in lights, and the whole city gets ready to have one big party.

    Start off the evening with getting your friends together first. They will be scattered throughout the city with their day jobs taking them to various parts of the city. Call them up, and plan to meet up at one place to start the night adventures. After you meet up with everyone at one point, draw up a plan. You can have rotating proposals or just do what the majority agree to do. After all, it’s not just you who should enjoy, but all of you!

    Here are some ideas to start off your night.

    Go to a local music concert

    Before you hit off to a bar or a night club, go to a music concert. Not one that is done by an international artist, but to a local one where budding musicians will showcase their talent. Besides it won’t cost you a lot, and you will be helping homegrown talent. It shouldn’t be a concert per se, but even a small performance by a band, or even a solo artist would be good.

    Go to an art gallery

    Art galleries are open till late night. At least some of them are, or some of them actually start at night. Go see the latest art of the city, and swim in the majesty of the abstract figures, and the swirling colours. This would be great way to intellectually stimulate yourself if you are a deep thinker.

    After all that, you can head off to a nightclub or a fancy restaurant depending on the mood of the group.

    Heading off to a nightclub

    If there is someone who is willing to stay sober to drive all of you back home, then a nightclub would be a great idea. Check to see if you have enough money to spend on drinks if you are planning to go all out wasted tonight. Make sure that everyone is dressed appropriately if you are making your way to a nightclub uptown. They have very strict codes on how to dress, and you don’t want just one to stay out till the rest have all the fun outside. If you are feeling that you are not in the mood to get drunk, head off to a cocktail bar. That will be a good escape from the usual loud, drunk, and noisy atmosphere of a nightclub. Your friends too will like the change in the ambience. If you are searching for the best cocktail bar check this out for further information.

    Heading off to a fancy restaurant

    Again you’ll have to do some preliminary checking. Make sure that you make a reservation before you head in, but be warned last hour reservations rarely work. So planning a day or two is the best way to go. If you still want to, you can head off to a cocktail bar after dinner. Always have something that you haven’t tried before without playing safe by going for the same thing every time. Ask around for your friends’ opinion about the various dishes that they have tried, but you haven’t.

    You shouldn’t necessarily spend your night in a particular order. So be open for spontaneous changes in plans, and also to meet new people especially at the nightclub, and you might suddenly find yourself with a new friend. Keep in mind to be safe whatever you do, drunkenly or otherwise, and the rule is, if you will regret it when you are sober, it’s a better idea not to even think of it at all.

  • Choose An Expert Wedding Planner

    Wedding planners have become a great necessity for modern wedding events. Not only do they arrange every aspect of the wedding, but they also help in making it a memorable and wonderful experience. However, hassle free wedding can be guaranteed only if you pick the best of planner who have the experience and expertise in this field.  Wedding planners are trained to look in to the arrangements including stage decoration, wedding gown selection, guest invitation, ceremonies and so on. Some of the planners also undertake the booking of wedding catering in Melbourne which will take care of the food and drinks segment. The following points needs to be considered while picking your wedding planner:

    Wedding planning is not an easy affair as there are several points that need to be planned well in advance like booking of halls, designing of wedding gowns, catering services etc. You can get very organized services of wedding catering in Melbourne. Also, the wedding is a composition of several ceremonies which again requires arrangements of events in the best manner. Only a well experienced planner will be able to consider all the angles of a wedding and arrange for smooth ceremonial events. Look for planner who has arranged many Mmelbourne catering especially in the particular style. Recently theme based weddings are becoming a fad and one can always look for planner who are experienced in this forte.

    Pick planner who can offer services in all aspects of the wedding as a package deal. By allotting the entire work related to wedding to such experienced planner, you can enjoy the big day by spending some quality time with the invitees rather than running behind such chores. Such complete packages also come with a low price tag which again is a big saving for your wedding budget.

    One man army or team
    Never choose planner who are single handedly managing the entire course of events. This can be a great risk as if the individual falls sick then you are gone for a toss on the big day. Also, creatively you will get better option when there is a team of people working under the wedding catering Melbourne and the work is also done efficiently.

    Try to get the quotation from several wedding planner in your locality and make a viable comparison of the same. There are planners who charge exorbitant rates and so you must be prudent in making the wise decision.

    One can get some referrals from friends and relatives who will be able to give you valuable feedback. This helps you get to know about the planner and their working style which again helps in making a good decision about the wedding planner.